Launching Our First Ebook!

Brasstown Press is delighted to announce the official launch of our first ebook, a second collection of Isabel McNeill Carley’s essays, Taking The Orff Approach To Heart: Essays & Articles from a Pioneer of Orff in America. It’s now available from the usual suspects: Amazon, Apple iTunes, Kobo, BookBaby, and your other favorites.

Cover of the ebook
Taking The Orff Approach To Heart: Essays & Articles from a Pioneer of Orff in America

This compendium by North American Orff educator Isabel McNeill Carley, contains 29 original essays and articles – even a read-aloud children’s story.

It is a companion book to Making It Up As You Go – Selected Essays – Writing about Music, Improvisation, and Teaching, Brasstown Press 2011, which presented additional essays and articles.

Carley writes with skill and humor on topics from theory to practice, integrating music, speech, movement, and improvisation.

Also included are extensive reference materials:

  • Introductory headnotes for each article
  • A Foreword by Karen Stafford
  • An Editor’s Introduction by Anne M Carley
  • A Biographical Note about the author
  • Informative essays on Carl Orff and the Orff Schulwerk, developed by Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman
  • A short essay about the significance of the pentatonic scale in Orff education
  • Diagrams of the pentatonic scales and modes in C, F, and G
  • A glossary
  • Biographical notes on names cited
  • Published resources and references
  • A selected bibliography of works by the author, and information on her other recent publications.
Isabel McNeill Carley
Author Isabel McNeill Carley

Some materials have never before been published; others are repurposed with permission. Dip into this book for inspiration, or read it cover to cover to immerse in the world of elemental music education for all ages.

This most recent collection by Isabel McNeill Carley even includes a children’s story to be read aloud!

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Now Launched! IMC’s Five Little Books

Teachers and students wanting more materials for practice and music making will be glad to know that Brasstown Press has launched new editions of Isabel McNeill Carley’s My Song Primer, My Recorder Primer and My Recorder Reader, Books 1, 2 and 3. These are short, accessible books with expertly chosen traditional and original songs to sing, play and enjoy.

Nicknamed IMC’s Five Little Books, this reissue of five short books of repertoire for beginning students was overdue!

“This collection is a welcome addition to teachers’ and levels course instructors’ resource list.” – Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada).

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Book Reviews! Orff Essentials Collection

We’re excited about these new book reviews! Take a look for yourself.

Just in – glowing reviews of our recent crop of publications, from Catherine West in Ostinato (Orff Canada) and Leslie Timmons in American Recorder. Can you tell we’re happy?

Links to the full book reviews of the Orff Essentials Collection appear below these excerpts.

Making It Up As You Go book cover

Making It Up As You Go

This collection of twenty-one essays from the pen of one of our most thoughtful pioneers is a landmark publication. … a collection to savour, to dip into and read in bits and pieces, or from cover to cover. It clarifies important, perhaps sometimes overlooked, understandings from the dawn of the development of Orff pedagogy and inspires belief in the model, and its ongoing relevance.

Catherine West, Ostinato.

Read Entire Review here.

RIT One front350wRecorder and Improvisation Technique 2Recorder and Improvisation Technique 3

Recorder Improvisation and Technique

“Long-awaited new editions of invaluable material for music educators who teach recorder. …They provide the framework for a curriculum designed to develop comprehensive musicianship.”

Leslie Timmons, American Recorder.

Read Entire Review here.

Complete Orff Essentials Collection available now!


The Complete Orff Essentials Collection is available now!

Four book covers
IMC Orff Essentials Collection

Recorder Improvisation And Technique books two and three will be published this month, joining Book One, which appeared in June. These fresh new uniform editions of the classic three-book series are completely redesigned, with added reference materials, while retaining the content that has kept them in such high regard.

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