Now Launched! IMC’s Five Little Books

Teachers and students wanting more materials for practice and music making will be glad to know that Brasstown Press has launched new editions of Isabel McNeill Carley’s My Song Primer, My Recorder Primer and My Recorder Reader, Books 1, 2 and 3. These are short, accessible books with expertly chosen traditional and original songs to sing, play and enjoy.

Nicknamed IMC’s Five Little Books, this reissue of five short books of repertoire for beginning students was overdue!

“This collection is a welcome addition to teachers’ and levels course instructors’ resource list.” – Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada).

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My Song Primer: The activities and arrangements are all very appealing. – Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada)

My Recorder Primer:  A very carefully sequenced approach to rhythmic training, with provision for creativity. – Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada)

My Recorder Reader Books 1, 2, and 3 – A wealth of repertoire for the developing soprano recorder player in classroom or private lesson setting– Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada)


Isabel McNeill Carley’s Five Little Books– These five volumes from a pioneer of the Orff movement in North America…still hold their own as an example of an implementation which cleaves to the original model in Orff’s Music For Children. Because of this clarity they may be used with confidence in Orff Levels courses for teachers, and with children, and can also be pillaged for additional wonderful repertoire by teachers choosing not to use them as a primary method. I strongly recommend them and will be using them in my own classes for students and teachers. – Catherine West, in Ostinato (Orff Canada)

See descriptions of each of these books in the Brasstown Press catalog. Then go shopping!

Buy direct on the catalog page, or work with your favorite bookseller.

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