Complete Orff Essentials Collection available now!


The Complete Orff Essentials Collection is available now!

Four book covers
IMC Orff Essentials Collection

Recorder Improvisation And Technique books two and three will be published this month, joining Book One, which appeared in June. These fresh new uniform editions of the classic three-book series are completely redesigned, with added reference materials, while retaining the content that has kept them in such high regard.

These retain all the content of earlier editions, but have been redesigned in an enhanced, reader-friendly format. For music teachers and students alike, the RIT books now include additional reference materials that make them more accessible than ever.

In addition, a completely new book, collected essays by Isabel Carley, is also being published. Entitled¬†Making It Up As You Go , it features significant articles on Orff-Schulwerk and education, along with commentary on musicianship, composition and more. It is a new, first-time collection of Ms. Carley’s essays. Drawn from more than thirty years of her writings, these were chosen to represent the wide sweep of her thinking and passionate interests. Lightly touching on reminiscences of Gunild Keetman, Carl Orff, and early AOSA days, she discusses Orff-Schulwerk for Americans, technical points of pentatonic modes, teaching practices and methods, and her belief in the value of music education, exhorting teachers to advocate creativity and improvisation in the classroom.

These books will all debut at the American Orff-Schulwerk Association’s conference, in Pittsburgh, PA November 2011. Come to the West Music booth to see the new books!

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